PL 250 series – double-shaft extruder

Смеситель с решеткой PL 250

Two-shaft mixer series PL 250
Смеситель серии PL 250 - с решеткой

Mixers series PL are absolutely new model in the mixer line, produced by the Kharkov plant “PLINFA”. They combine all the workings of traditional mixers and the best solutions used in new machines.
In a mixer, the mass (clay, kaolin, bentonite, etc.) is mixed by the blades of the shafts, subjected to additional effects in the spiral channels of the screws, which lead it to the filter head and are forced through the holes of the grids.
The design of the mixer PL 250 has a number of features:
1. The mixer is delivered assembled (all units and parts are located on a common frame, the hydrostation is installed on its site, which is fixed to the carrier frame of the mixer), which greatly simplifies installation and increases the rigidity and stability of the entire structure.
2. The original lubrication system of the gear-distributor is used – the lubrication is carried out with liquid oil under pressure.
3. In the new mixer, the shafts are cantilevered.

PL 250 PL 258 PL 265
Productivity, t / h 30 50 70
Diameter of screws, mm 500 580 650
Installed power, kW 55÷90 75÷110 110÷160