PL 250 series – double-shaft extruder – Plinfa

PL 250 series – double-shaft extruder

Смеситель с решеткой PL 250
Смеситель с решеткой PL 250
Смеситель с решеткой PL 250

Two-shaft mixer series PL 250
Смеситель серии PL 250 - с решеткой

Mixers series PL are absolutely new model in the mixer line, produced by the Kharkov plant “PLINFA”. They combine all the workings of traditional mixers and the best solutions used in new machines.
In a mixer, the mass (clay, kaolin, bentonite, etc.) is mixed by the blades of the shafts, subjected to additional effects in the spiral channels of the screws, which lead it to the filter head and are forced through the holes of the grids. Thus, one machine performs the functions of blade and screw mixers, clay rubbers and purifier of the processed mass from foreign inclusions. The combination of the functions of the four machines makes it possible to improve mixing and achieve a high degree of uniformity of the product.
The control cabinet is equipped with a frequency converter, and the operation of the mixer is controlled by a programmable controller.
A special feature of the mixer is its suitability for steam humidification. To do this, the lower honor of the trough is changed and equipped with a special device for feeding steam into the trough.

The design of the mixer PL 250 has a number of features:

1. The mixer is delivered assembled (all units and parts are located on a common frame, the hydrostation is installed on its site, which is fixed to the carrier frame of the mixer), which greatly simplifies installation and increases the rigidity and stability of the entire structure.
2. The original lubrication system of the gear-distributor is used – the lubrication is carried out with liquid oil under pressure. The system has two filters: fine cleaning and magnetic. The oil system is closed and prevents the ingress of polluting materials from outside. Synthetic oils are used for lubrication.
3. In the new mixer, the shafts are cantilevered. This made it possible to achieve improvements:
– Replacement of shafts and augers is carried out in a short time and without special difficulties.
– in the auger group, two-end tips with a feather thickness of 25 mm are installed instead of the usual links. Feathers of worms are welded with wear-resistant material (depending on the properties of the mass in different parts of the screw can be fused with various materials).
– increased productivity of the mixer
– Raise the pressure of the mass in front of the grate, which in turn will lead to better mixing of the components of the charge.

4. The air compressor is not used in the mixer. For smooth start-up and quick stopping, the SchneiderElectric frequency converter is used, which allows to change the speed of the shafts. In addition, the frequency inverter allows avoiding overloads, starting moments and failure of the motor due to phase distortions, voltage surges, etc.
5. The grille is installed in such a way that the gap between the end pieces and the grid is minimal. This increased productivity and reduced the load on the motor.

Parameter PL 250 PL 258 PL 265
Productivity, t / h 30 50 70
Diameter of screws, mm 500 580 650
Installed power, kW 55÷90 75÷110 110÷160
Weight, kg 9 800 11 400 13 000
Overall dimensions, mm
– length
– width
– height
3 700
3 200
1 550
4 000
3 400
1 850
4 636
3 815
2 232