УСМ 50 Вакуумный экструдер типа "моноблок"

USM 50 – a fourth-generation vacuum extruder of the “monoblock” type

Вакуумный экструдер УСМ 50 типа "моноблок"

The extruder is designed for forming ceramic products.

The press is made on a single frame in the “monoblock” version, including the frame for the electric motor, which is rigidly attached to the frame of the press. Thanks to this rigid structure, the USM 50 press is installed easily and quickly and does not require any complicated foundations.

Features of the press:
1.  The press is delivered assembled (all units and parts are located on a common frame), which greatly simplifies installation.
2.  A common mixer and press drive (original gearbox) equipped with a pneumatic clutch has been developed. The design of the reducer allows you to redistribute power to the most loaded shaft (up to 90%).
3.  Lubrication of the gearbox – forced with the installation of a visual inspection of all lubrication points and a two-stage oil purification system.
4. The pressure in the press head has been increased to 3.0 MPa.
5. The shafts of the mixer and the auger are replaced without disassembly of the gearbox, bearings and sealing systems.

Parametr USM 50
Productivity, t / h до 30
Pressing pressure, MPa до 3,0
Diameter of the screw of the press, mm 450
Installed power, kW 110,0÷160,0