Complex task solving

  • Manufacture of ceramic building materials
  • Кaolin processing, processing of clays and other non-metallic materials
  • Metal manufacture wastes processing, solutions for mining and processing plants
  • Silicate and gas silicat blocks production
  • Processing of drilling sludges, petroleum coke, coal and other materials
What are we doing?

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Останній проект


PLINFA Company has implemented a project for the construction of a «turnkey» plant for the production of ceramic brick and ceramic block in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The designed production capacity is 35 million pieces of conditional brick per year. The processing line operates in automatic mode. The latest PL series equipment is used. Installed robots manufactured by Fanuc. The entire plant is served by 14 operators per shift. The plant produces high quality brick of the brand no less M150.


Latest news and events

PLINFA never stops moving forward and develops new relationships with customers in many countries. Recent events:

03-02-2023 Shipment of the latest generation extruder PL100 to Kazakhstan

Vacuum extruders from PLINFA. The modern PL100 series is very popular with our Kazakh partners.

27-11-2022 Shipment of equipment for the enrichment of feldspar

Completion of the shipment of equipment for the technological line for the enrichment of feldspar raw materials

01-11-2022 Technological line for processing and mixing clays

Technology for processing kaolin refractory clays with further mixing.

About us

PLINFA provides a comprehensive implementation of projects for the design, installation and launch of brick factories. Carries out projects for the enrichment of kaolin, processing and mixing of clays or other non-metallic materials. It has technologies and equipment for the processing of metallurgy waste, oil sludge, coal waste, etc. It has vast experience in the manufacture of machine-building parts and assemblies of great complexity using its machine tool fleet. All work from design and approval to release is carried out at the highest level, with great responsibility for all obligations, including the quality of work and compliance with all agreed deadlines. As a result, PLINFA creates a competitive product, the true value of which has been highly appreciated by our many partners in different countries.

Our History
1870 Year of foundation
815 Projects
22 Countries