Filter presses

The direction of manufacture of filter presses was organized since 1999 by specialists with experience in filtering and development of filter presses in several decades.

At the beginning of 2023 manufactured and put into operation in various branches of Ukraine, CIS, Baltics about 200 filter presses "ЧМ" with an area from 0.2 to 525 sq.m.  

The concept of filter presses "ЧМ" is based on the best world experience of filtering, mechanical engineering and automation.

We are conducting filter research for customers, developing new filter press designs and filtering modes, control algorithms, and having more than 2 dozen patents on filter press design and filtering methods.

wide model range of filter presses based on filter surface area/plate format, plate type, slab suspension type, with mechanized block or piece sliding plates is developed and used.

The model range of hydraulic drive stations, automatic wash devices, pallets, various variants of valve-collecting systems and automation systems, original algorithms of automatic control of filter-press operation are developed.

The study of customers' requirements and constant work for the future make it possible to offer the customer an optimal technical and economic solution to his production task of separation of liquid and solid phases and to obtain the required separation values.

All filter presses are tested before delivery to the customer. Installation supervisionсommissioning of filter presses at the customer, train his personnel are carried out.