Raw material research and development


Any work related to raw materials (be it an audit, reconstruction of a workshop or an enterprise, construction of a new turnkey plant) begins with a study of the raw material base.
To do this, the Plinfa group of companies was one of the first divisions to create a research laboratory, equip it with the most necessary modern equipment, attract specialists to work in it (graduates and teachers of the ceramics department of one of the best universities in the country) and accredit it.
The laboratory staff created their own special methods for conducting research.
In addition to the research of raw materials, the main emphasis is on the development of optimal charge compositions from those available at the Customer's enterprise. Such a mixture can often lead to energy savings even when using purchased raw materials.
One of the most popular areas is to determine the optimal production modes (such as grinding degree, vacuum depth, drying mode, firing temperature and duration) to reduce production costs: after all, even a 10 °C decrease in firing temperature will lead to tangible fuel savings by the end of the year. .
Also, the laboratory has all the possibilities for conducting research not only on clays, but on various other industrial non-metallic materials (kaolin, chalk, limestone, coal, peat).
One of the separate areas of the laboratory is work in the direction of rigid extrusion - the development of compositions and the granulation of various materials, mostly from the metallurgical industry.

Development and design

The company has two divisions of designers:

  • development of new equipment: all new equipment is produced with the PL index and is not inferior to European counterparts in terms of its characteristics
  • design of technological lines: our company develops all design documentation necessary for the construction of a new plant or the reconstruction of an existing one